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American-based non-profit organization serving as a facilitator of faith-based reconciliation in the Central Asian region


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Our mission is to promote religious freedom in Eastern Europe & Central Asia through partnership with government, civil society, and religious communities through strategic community building and extending the love of God in a practical and tangible way.

Upcoming Events

April 2023: Kickoff Event in Karlag to announce the “new’ Kazakhstan

Event Information: A kickoff event announcing a series of roundtables in Kazakhstan will be held in Karlag, a former Soviet concentration camp. Human rights, freedom, and even the very concept of human dignity was destroyed and forgotten in this place. Now this place is the museum and memorial designated to pay tribute to those who were martyred in this place. Together with the religious community and the government of Kazakhstan, LYNC will hold a roundtable in the Karaganda Region to announce the new Kazakhstan, one in which human rights and religious freedom are upheld. 

What is Karlag? Karlag, also known as the Karaganda Corrective Labor Camp, was run by the Soviets between 1931 and 1959. Over one million prisoners are estimated to have passed through the camps. Forced labor and other atrocities were forced upon prisoners and little mercy was given. This place represents injustice and inhumanity, however, LYNC is turning this memorial into a place of hope for the future – a future in which human rights and religious freedoms are protected and celebrated.

Updates from Previous Events: Together with our strategic partners (IGE, Brigham Young University, MFNN), LYNC presented key models with tangible results from other regions in the world. Through relationship and trust building, dialogue, and education, LYNC is paving a path towards providing structure and strategy to the budding connections we have been made in the past year. One specific example is the relationship and progress made in Kazakhstan. LYNC has begun a partnership that is growing stronger and looking toward the future. The next step is a long-term commitment of five to seven years in which LYNC supports the Kazakhs in developing and owning their own religious freedom approach.




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