A Meaningful Christmas in Ukraine: Reflections on Love, Loss, and Resilience


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This Christmas was unlike any other for LYNC’s Ukrainian team, which chose to spend it ministering to the suffering in Ukraine- a country grappling with the aftermath of war. Their journey unfolded in three impactful days, each with unique experiences that left a lasting impression.


Day #1: Touching the Pain of Others

According to LYNC’s Founder and President, Wade Kusack, from the first day, the team was immersed in the harsh reality faced by widows of war and their children. They attended a Christmas event organized by a local church and a charity foundation, which lacked the usual festive decorations.

“Instead, the room held somber reminders of sacrifice – two Ukrainian flags and military crests,” Kusack said.

Many fathers, young and middle-aged, had lost their lives defending their country. Tears flowed freely as LYNC’s team stood in solidarity with these families.

Despite the sorrow, a message of love and hope prevailed during worship and a brief sermon. The Crossbridge Brickell church in Miami, Florida, had generously provided gifts, bringing moments of joy to the traumatized children. The event concluded with expressions of heartfelt gratitude from those who felt seen and supported.

Day #2: Christmas Eve in Central Ukraine

Christmas Eve brought our team to an enchanting city in Central Ukraine, a Ukrainian gem with a rich history. The morning church service took an unexpected turn when air strike sirens blared. Amidst prayers for protection, the pastor led the congregation in seeking divine intervention against potential threats. Despite the tension, a children’s performance brought moments of joy.

Our tour guide, Yelena, guided the team through the city’s historical landmarks, highlighting its resilience through centuries of changing empires. Now a shadow of its former bustling self, the city faced another air strike alarm with stoic indifference.

Ongoing Events in Ukraine:

As events in Ukraine rapidly unfolded, the nation faced an exceptionally fierce attack. Thankfully, the area where we stayed remained unscathed. The situation’s urgency underscored the relevance of our Christmas visit experiences, prompting a commitment to share these stories.

Day #3: Christmas – A Mournful Walk through the Cemetery

On Christmas day, we embarked on a solemn walk through a cemetery adorned with Ukrainian flags. The local pastor shared poignant stories of lives lost – a vibrant youth pastor, a skilled mechanic, and a conscripted man killed just two months after joining. When asked about maintaining resilience in the face of hatred, the pastor emphasized focusing on the specific sorrow experienced by families. Avoiding the ‘who’ and ‘why,’ he believed, was crucial to preventing an overwhelming flood of emotions.


Our Christmas journey in Ukraine profoundly explored love, loss, and resilience. Amid sorrow and uncertainty, the unwavering spirit of the Ukrainian people stood out. As events unfolded, we left Ukraine with a deepened understanding of the power of compassion and the enduring strength of those facing adversity.

Thank YOU, from our LYNC Ukrainian team and partners in labor, to you, all of our generous and loving supporters, who, at an expensive time of year, chose to sacrifice and cheerfully give to these precious war widows and children. You helped bring joy and Christ’s love to these suffering people.