LYNC Founder, Wade Kusack Presented with Religious Freedom Builders Award


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Jessica Eturralde
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November 29, 2023, Prague, Czech Republic 

At the 2023 International Ministerial on Freedom of Religion or Belief (IRFBA) appreciation dinner and award ceremony, LYN Community President Wade Kusack received the “Religious Freedom Builders” award as a significant recognition of his hard work and impact. This award highlights the LYN Community’s significant contributions to advancing religious freedom in Central Asia.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Czech Republic, the conference explored the misuse of religion for political purposes, building resilience, and the role of new technologies in suppressing religious or belief minorities. 

The primary panel discussions also examined earlier communist-era experiences in Central Europe. They talked about how this would make sense of how oppressive governments currently impede people’s freedom of religion or belief. The conference also emphasized how youth sports involvement can foster interreligious and cross-cultural groups that promote a common culture of respect.

The conference’s final section focused on women’s rights and how they relate to religious freedom. We value the cooperative attitude among the 300 attendees in the Czernin Palace and the additional 200 attendees at the side events, who represent 60 nations, during the talks, Q&A sessions, and casual get-togethers. 

“Such active involvement means a crucial contribution in promoting FoRB and advocating for specific people suffering for their religion or belief around the globe.,” a statement from IRFBA said. 

“The goal was to open new channels of discussion in order to raise a greater awareness of the diversity, mutual recognition, equality, and freedom of religion or belief. Each session was dedicated to a specific person suffering for faith or belief as the ultimate goal of our efforts.”

Kusack gave a few short remarks after accepting the award and acknowledged the cooperation of many partners in the project for its success.

“This award is not just for the LYN Community,” said Kusack. “But it is a testament to the collective work of many organizations and individuals, including the Institute for Global EngagementMulti-Faith Neighbors Network, and the IRF Secretariat, among others.”

Kusack closed by emphasizing the tangible advancements in religious freedom made in Kazakhstan, expressing gratitude for the recognition and echoing a similar commendation by the State Department earlier in the year.