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American-based non-profit organization serving as a facilitator of faith-based reconciliation in the Central Asian region


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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote religious freedom in Eastern Europe & Central Asia through partnership with government, civil society, and religious communities in strategic community building and extending the love of God in a practical and tangible way.

Upcoming Events

Religion & Rule of Law Certificate Training Program. June 2022

This training program designed by LYNC and Brigham Yang University (BYU) provides a global comparative survey of key issues at the nexus of religion, law, governance, and security. Training sessions examine how international standards on religious freedom are implemented in different political, social, and cultural contexts. The program explores the building blocks of good governance and sustainable peace in a multifaith context. The training will feature global experts in religion and law and convene 50 participants consisting of local government and law enforcement officials, and religious leaders. The program will be held in Almaty.


Latest News

Building a strategic partnership to advance FoRB

Building a strategic partnership to advance FoRB

The Templeton Religion Trust funded and LYNC (Love Your Neighbor Community) hosted the inaugural series of roundtables on religious freedom in Shymkent, Ust-Kamenogorsk, and Aktobe on November 1st, 11th and 14th. Utilizing a top-down (including high-level central and regional government participants) and a bottom-up (including unregistered religious minorities) approach,

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