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Upcoming Events
April 8-14, 2024

Training for Trainers - United States

LYNC is organizing a Training for Trainers event in the United States from April 8th to April 14th, 2024, gathering distinguished participants from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The program will include:

IRF Round Table Training

Participants will engage in a three-day IRF Roundtable training in Washington D.C., facilitated by the IRF Secretariat and LYNC. This includes active involvement in roundtable setups and expert interactions.

Diverse Worship Sessions

Attendees will visit various worship places in Washington D.C. to broaden their understanding of religious groups not recognized in Kazakhstan and/or Uzbekistan.

Multi-Faith Retreat Training

The program concludes in Phoenix, Ariz., with a four-day training session focused on leading multi-faith retreats and mediating between Muslim and Christian communities. This will equip delegates with expertise to foster multi-faith dialogue within Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, supported by both governments and aligned with ongoing collaborative efforts between those governments and LYNC.

This event is a significant step towards advancing religious freedom and social cohesion in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, building upon previous MOUs signed in Washington D.C. 

"LYNC is a new organization for new times according to timeless principles, reflecting the innovation and entrepreneurship we need."

-Chris Seiple, President Emeritus for Institute for Global Engagement