Building on the success of our “Training for Trainers” initiative, LYNC is proud to announce a progressive step in our hands-on, hand-off approach with the upcoming Religious Engagement Roundtable series.  

These one-day events, scheduled across nine cities in Kazakhstan, are designed to cultivate an inclusive dialogue where minority religious groups have an equal voice alongside the majority. The event enables participants to lead and partake in multi-faith collaboration. 

To further empower Kazakh civil society in advocating for legislative and policy changes that promote religious freedom, LYNC will help alumni of “Multi-Faith Roundtable Training for Trainers” to set up and host a series of in-country roundtables. These roundtables will testify to the solid foundation of trust and mutual respect garnered through their training, offering religious leaders a platform to apply their newfound skills. 

As the sponsor, LYNC will offer consultative support and access to our expert network to assist religious leaders as they organize their first local roundtables. These sessions will convene a diverse group of stakeholders, including faith leaders, government officials, human rights advocates, and academics, in nine key Kazakhstani cities, with a total expected participation of 525 individuals over 45 days. 

LYNC has structured the one-day roundtables into two distinct discussion groups: 

Experience has shown us that Kazakh participants tend to engage more openly when the international presence is minimal, leading to the creation of strategies and solutions that are truly their own. 

Following the initial series, LYNC will conduct a second round of roundtables incorporating feedback and lessons from the first to refine their structure. These civil society-led events will see religious leaders developing the expert content necessary to build upon the foundations of the inaugural roundtables. 

A significant addition to the second round of roundtables is the establishment of a Kazakhstani FoRB (Freedom of Religion or Belief) Secretariat. This body will coordinate future roundtables, ensuring continuity and the strategic advancement of multi-faith dialogue.  

By the second roundtable, leaders will be adept at hosting successful discussions and fostering active interfaith relationships. The focus will be on discussing and crafting concrete policy reform recommendations for Kazakhstan’s religious laws. 

These roundtables are an integral component of LYNC’s ongoing mission to create proven models and strategies that serve as templates for advancing Religious Freedom and Social Cohesion globally. 

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