Building Bridges: LYNC's Multi-Layered Approach to Religious Freedom and Social Cohesion


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Wade Kusack, Founder and CEO of LYN Community
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In today’s world, addressing societal issues, particularly those surrounding religious legislation and freedom, demands a comprehensive and inclusive approach. At LYN Community (LYNC), we’ve developed a multi-layered engagement model that builds relationships across different faiths and sectors. This model is not just about dialogue but about fostering mutual respect and cooperation among diverse religious communities and governments.

Our approach focuses on three core areas, sequentially designed to achieve genuine progress in religious freedom and social cohesion:

  1. Relationships are foundational. We begin by establishing mutual respect and understanding among various religious communities. Locally, we organize three-day multi-faith retreats hosted by MFNN. These retreats bring together religious leaders from various backgrounds to share their experiences and build friendships. 
  2. Education is key. We believe in the transformative power of Cross-Cultural Religious Literacy. By developing a set of essential skills: evaluation, negotiation, and communication, we empower individuals to bridge gaps and foster understanding. These skills are rooted in three core competencies: understanding oneself, understanding the religious’ other,’ and understanding the context of potential collaboration. Nationally, we offer certificate courses that equip participants with these competencies and skills, igniting a spark of change and paving the way for a more inclusive society. 
  3. Finally, we encourage multi-faith and multi-sectoral collaboration through roundtables among religious and government leaders in partnership with the IRF Secretariat. This is crucial, especially in post-communist countries. We train local trainers and engage local institutions to continue this work, creating a sustainable impact.

Our multi-faith interactions extend beyond local and national levels. Internationally, LYNC collaborates with global partners to bring best practices to Central Asia, and enriching the international community with the successes achieved there. By fostering relationships, providing education, and encouraging collaboration, we lay the groundwork for effective, sustainable change.

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