After spending much time and effort working internationally, LYNC made the necessary choice to consider how its model could improve relationships and narratives here in the United States, starting (but not ending) with social cohesion between Christian and Muslim neighbors.

During LYNC’s past multi-faith roundtables, Christians and Muslims alike often admit that they have not before had much interaction with another—ever.

Individuals from both sides usually speak about how insightful a balanced dialogue with each other was for them, opening their eyes to our shared “humanness.”

 Jesus commands us to love one another—it is impossible to demonstrate this affection if we lack familiarity with those different from us. 

Which begs the question:

“How can we love our neighbors if we do not interact with them?”

Multi-faith events are one of the most effective ways for people of different faiths to meet, get to know one another, and see the other for who they really are.

It is essential for followers of both faiths to engage in open dialogue, seek common ground, and appreciate the shared humanity that binds them. By understanding each other’s beliefs, practices, and perspectives, Christians and Muslims can build bridges of empathy, dismantle stereotypes, and contribute to a more inclusive and interconnected global community where diversity is celebrated and respected.

LYNC aims to inspire conversation and create relationships among diverse people of faith consistently and universally. With God’s help, we have created conversations worldwide between people and groups who otherwise would not connect so personally.


Multi-Faith Event in Miami

LYNC and its partners CrossBridge Brickell and The Islamic Center of Greater Miami have come together for a unique opportunity: to give Christians and Muslims a rare chance to connect.

On Saturday, February 17th, the Islamic Center will open its grounds and host a Multi-Faith Family Picnic in partnership with LYNC and Crossbridge. The family event is a welcoming gesture from the Muslim and Christian communities and a message that says, “We genuinely want to get to know you.”

 “Our hope is through our engagement and care for them the love of Jesus would be made evident,” CrossBridge said. 

Event attendees will also savor delectable Middle Eastern cuisine and there will be activities for the children to play while learning more about the context and narratives of others. 

The children will enjoy a bounce house, inflatable slides, and a petting zoo. Adults are also invited to a friendly and casual basketball game. 

“I believe that education is the way to remove all this hate and any kind of racism or discrimination because when it comes to educating people—the more they know you, the more they get to–to love you.” –Imam Samra, Islamic Center of Greater Miami

“I think an event like this is important because we have a lot more in common than we don’t. Even if we disagree on certain things—different aspects of our religion, let’s say—it’s okay because we can both unite around the common good. Event like these where we unite for the common good is like having heaven to be made evident in our streets.” -Johnny Contini, Assistant Pastor, Crossbridge Church Brickell

“It was exciting to meet people in the neighborhood. We organized a medical tree and a picnic for the people, and people want something to do. . .it’s a place where they can have fun. I see happiness. I see smiles on the kid’s faces and they are very excited and I’m excited too. I love it.” -Tahir Ismail, Program Director, Islamic Center of Greater Miami

“I’m seeing people get more comfortable, I’m seeing people strike up conversations where there’s differences. And I think that is a beautiful thing to see. This is one of many events that I hope to do where the more we do it, the comfort is going to be established between these two different communities.” – Carter Brown, Lead Pastor, Crossbridge Church Brickell


Long Term Investing on the Local Level

Watch a Video from Last Year's Event

Upcoming Event: Multi-Faith Family Picnic

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