Multi-sectorial relationship-building events are initiatives aimed at creating and fostering relationships across different sectors of society, focusing particularly on bridging gaps between diverse religious and cultural groups and the government. 

  1. Hosting Multi-faith Retreats: LYNC, in collaboration with partners like MFNN, organizes retreats where religious leaders from various faiths can meet in a neutral setting. These retreats provide a space for leaders to interact, learn from one another, and build personal relationships beyond their religious and cultural boundaries.
  2. Community and Relationship Building: Through exercises and shared experiences, participants are encouraged to form new relationships and networks that support ongoing collaboration and mutual understanding.
  3. Government Observation and Support: Government officials are invited to observe these events, which can lead to governmental support for such initiatives. This also allows government leaders to witness the benefits of multi-faith collaboration directly.
  4. Addressing Issues: Events like these retreats and similar multi-faith interactions provide a platform for addressing and reconciling community tensions or misunderstandings. Drawing from LYNC’s  experiences, these gatherings have effectively facilitated the resolution of issues such as conflicts based on offencive remarks among different faith groups toward each other, and disputes related to conversion, among others.
  5. Equipping Leaders: The success of such events helps equip religious leaders to start their own multi-faith oriented engagements, discussing social and religious freedom issues, including implementation and reforms in religious legislation.
  6. Local and International Collaboration: By bringing together international trainers and local religious leaders, these events promote the sharing of expertise and the building of collaborative networks.

In essence, Multi-Sectorial Relationship Building Events serve as a critical tool for LYNC and its partners to promote multi-faith relationships, religious freedom, and societal cohesion in regions like Central Asia. Through such events, LYNC aims to advance a pluralistic society where diverse religious and cultural groups can coexist peacefully and with mutual respect.

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