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Introduction to LYNC

The past decade has proven that the traditional diplomatic approach of shame and blame at the international level is not improving the climate of religious freedom. Additionally, high-level dialogue has had limited impact beyond the boardroom, leaving the vulnerable religious minorities exposed to further oppression and abuse. Conceptualization and depersonalization of the issues limits impact and a different approach is critical: faith-based reconciliation.

Faith-based reconciliation approaches the promotion of religious freedom through the reconciliation of three distinct groups: government, civil society and the religious community. These three groups are the bedrock of culture and when they are at odds with one another, religious freedom is severely constrained. LYNC understands the current state of religious freedom in Eastern Europe & Central Asia hinges upon reconciling the three under the knowledge that Eastern Europe & Central Asia governments are not enemies of religion, such as was the state in the Soviet Union. The roots of the conflict are not in the Soviet ideology to destroy any religion. Rather, LYNC sees the opportunity to engage governments together with civil society and the religious community to begin a dialogue on common ground: helping the most vulnerable population. Every religion has a mandate to serve the poor and this mandate can be used as a means of unification, moving religion from concept to practical application.

LYNC serves as a facilitator of faith-based reconciliation in the region. We believe religious freedom in Central Asian can be achieved through reconciliation and engagement between government, civil society and different religious communities.


LYNC seeks a Eastern Europe & Central Asia where all people of all faiths or no faith can live out their beliefs and bring those beliefs to public policy discussions of good governance and care for the most socially and economically marginalized.


Our mission is to promote religious freedom in Eastern Europe & Central Asia through partnership with government, civil society, and religious communities in strategic community building and extending the love of God in a practical and tangible way.

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