Rebuilding Ukraine Now: Trauma Healing for Ukrainian Refugees

In the Gospel of John’s account of Jesus’ resurrection, we read something not found in the other gospels: When Peter went inside the empty tomb, he found the clothes that once wrapped Jesus’ head separated from the burial linen and folded in the corner. In the moment of His triumph over death, Christ paused and folded his head clothes, and left the tomb. Could this pause, this demonstration, be our calling as well? To remember that “it is finished,” that Christ endured trauma (often lodged in the mind, the head) and declared healing and overcoming through Himself in His resurrection? As followers of Christ, we have the opportunity to acknowledge, to witness, and to help those hurting gently release the head linens of their trauma to Christ. Many of the women, teens, and child refugees are deeply hurting and may not yet know the hope and healing we have in Christ. By meeting them where they are, in Bautzen, with tangible resources such as art support, we can walk alongside them as they are strengthened. Then, when the day comes for their return to Ukraine, they are equipped and healed be help others heal from the effects of war, occupation, and trauma.

Launching May 7th, we will welcome up to 144 refugee women and teens over the course of four weeks to a quiet, open studio with trained art therapists. Introduced to various mediums, the participants will be able to explore the expression of what they have endured and are currently processing in a safe space. Meanwhile, we’ve aimed to take care of the details: providing a catered warm meal, providing all materials, and securing childcare so they can have a respite while they take care of themselves during the sessions. We are expectant of breakthroughs and healing

As an organization, we believe the rebuilding of Ukraine starts now and starts with the women we are serving. Eventually, many will leave Germany, return to Ukraine and rebuild their communities. We are eager to support them now, in Bautzen, Germany by bringing healing resources. For just $114 per participant per session, we are able to provide superior value and targeted healing impact. Would you consider sponsoring one participant for one session?
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